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A yoghurt cake — Sunday, 18th March

A yoghurt cake

Iced lemon yoghurt cake
Iced lemon yoghurt cake

A very appropriate baking challenge for me this week, it gave me an opportunity to use up some of my homemade yoghurt lurking in the fridge.  From Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes and Bakes, it was the lemon yoghurt cake.  You can find a similar recipe HERE, although in Mary’s recipe the egg yolks go in the mix whilst the whites are whisked and added later.  I usually avoid recipes where eggs are separated as it inevitably creates more washing up.

Homemade yoghurt
Homemade yoghurt

I wrapped the tin up well in the oven with my baking strips and greaseproof paper to ensure I got level top on the cake. This might be the reason why it took over 2 hours rather than the 1 -1/4 hours in the recipe.

The cake turned out rather like foam rubber but it tasted light and very lemony with the tangy icing giving it an extra lift and it almost melted in your mouth.

At first glance, Himself awarded this cake a mere 3/10 as he thought it was under-baked and hates stodgy cake.  However, when he tasted it, it rose dramatically to 9/10.

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