My Madeira cake
My Madeira cake

It always amazes me how people can follow the exact same recipe and yet it will turn out differently for each one of them.  I’ve made Madeira cake many a time and it’s usually fine but for some reason this one went awry.  I can’t blame the recipe as I’ve seen some of the other entries in this week’s Weekly bake off and they look exactly how would expect a Madeira cake to look.

Stodgy centre
Stodgy middle

The Madeira cake recipe from Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes and Bakes was slightly different as it included ground almonds but instead of the light, fluffy sponge I was expecting when I cut into it, I found a dense sponge with stodgy lumps throughout and a big air pocket under the crust.

Overall the taste wasn’t bad and it’s perfectly edible, just not as nice as it should be.  I think maybe I didn’t mix it quite as well as I should have, I’m always wary of over-beating a cake mix as it can result in a tough sponge.

Now for the verdict from Himself – lacking in flavour so 7/10 was the best he could award for this particular cake and he absolutely hates stodge.

Madeira cake
Not a bad looking cake on the outside

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