Chocolate and vanilla marble loaf
Chocolate and vanilla marble loaf

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve entered the Weekly Bake Off from Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes and Bakes.  The challenge was a Chocolate and vanilla marble loaf and the recipe and instructions can be found HERE.  I’ve been out of synch with my cake making but this week it just so happened that we were in need of cake and I had the correct ingredients.

It’s an easy enough cake to make although I did end up smothered in cake mix probably the result of having two separate bowls of the stuff.  I have to say the chocolate batter was absolutely delicious raw and it reminded me of when I was a child, baking with my mother.  I always wanted to eat the uncooked chocolate cake mix but of course I wasn’t allowed.  I vowed that when I grew up I would make the mix and eat it straight from the bowl.  Can’t say I’ve ever done it but I was tempted by this one.

When the cake rose in the oven it looked like the rocky mountains and just when I thought it was cooked, it erupted like Vesuvius and ended up more uneven.  I tried slicing the top before icing but settled for hiding the worst of it under a chocolate layer.

The first batch of white chocolate I tried to melt for the decoration went thick and lumpy so I had to start that again but in the end it didn’t look too bad, although I wouldn’t enter it in any competitions, except this one of course where I have the option of selective photography!

When I cut into it, I was quite pleased with the two-tone effect – not quite up to Mary’s perfect horseshoes but not bad.

And now for the verdict.  Himself gave it 8/10.  I was expecting gasps when I revealed the chocolate and vanilla marbling but he seemed underwhelmed by it.  Said it was a nice bake although bordering on the dry side but it hasn’t stopped him eating it even though dark chocolate is not his favourite.

Full view of cake
Nowhere to hide – here it is in all it’s uneven glory