American apple and apricot cake
American apple and apricot cake


At the beginning of the week the news was full of weather warnings and indeed, England did seem to be suffering with vast amounts of rainfall resulting in flooding.

The forecast said that it was heading our way and would be accompanied by gale force winds with gusts up to 72mph.

Apple tree
Scotch Dumpling apples firmly fixed to the tree

On Monday night it was getting a bit breezy so Himself ventured outside to batten down the hatches and Tuesday morning arrived with a blast.  Some guttering blew down but we didn’t suffer any real damage.  The sheds stood up to it and thank goodness we no longer have tiles on the steading roof to get blown away.

One thing that did concern me was the apple trees, some of which had been laden with fruit.

This morning I pulled on my waterproof trousers, as it’s the only safe way to walk through the fruit garden with all those killer stinging nettles, donned some gauntlets up to my elbows and ventured out there to collect the windfalls.

I was stunned to find all the apples still firmly attached to the trees, especially since they were directly in the path of the gales.   They obviously can’t be ripe just yet.  Rather than retrieving them from the ground, I picked a few from the tree and came inside to make this week’s cake for the  Weekly Bake Off.  Taken from Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes and Bakes. it was the American Apple and Apricot cake (the recipe can be found here) or as I’ve decided to call it, the Triple A Cake.

A slice of my Triple A cake
A slice of my Triple A cake

I had a problem with the loose bottomed cake tin as some of the mixture leaked out all over the oven.  Perhaps I should invest in some better baking tins but overall the cake turned out nicely.  Maybe it was the slightly unripe apples but it wasn’t a very sweet cake.

And now for the verdict from Himself.  As soon as he cut into it and spotted fruit, he was immediately on the lookout for stodge but in fact it was a good bake, although the top was rather uneven so it scored only 8/10.