Why make paper chains when you can make woolly ones
Why make paper chains when you can make woolly ones

I love decorations that you can pull out year after year and they all have their special place in your home.  As a child I remember making paper chains with my mum, they were usually ripped down after the festivities were all done but these woolly ones will last for years.

Almost as easy to make as paper ones, but far more durable and to make them a wee bit firmer, felt them after they are all linked together.

Simply use oddments of brightly coloured wool and make as many as you want.  You can make them any size by adding or subtracting stitches and/or rows.  Remember if you plan to felt them they will shrink slightly and you must use 100% wool, no acrylics or superwash.  You can leave them as they are but for me, felting is where all the magic happens.

Quick and easy felted woolly chains

  • Use any needles appropriate for the wool you have and cast on approx 32 stitches.
  • Knit 7 rows (more if you want wider links).
  • Cast off leaving a long tail.
  • When you have enough links arrange them into your preferred colour pattern then link the first chain with the next and sew together using the tail.
  • Alternatively if, like me, you can’t be bothered to try to thread the wool through the needle, use a knitting needle to pick up stitches on both ends of the link, using the tail knit the first two stitches and then cast off.  Continue across until the link is joined.
  • When you have joined all your links, wearing rubber gloves, immerse the chain in hot water with a splash of washing up liquid and agitate.
  • Take out and dump into cold water.  Continue by returning to hot water and agitating.
  • Before too long you will feel the wool begin to firm up and felt.  Every so often alternate with cold water until the chain is felted to your satisfaction.  (Some colours may felt easier than others).
  • Wring out, pull into shape and leave to dry.
  • Use as part of your Christmas decorations.
  • In future hand wash in cool water and leave flat to dry.